We are pleased to offer child and adult therapy, neuropsychological assessment and adult psychiatry in our Westborough location. See our Westborough providers below: ​​
  1. Michael A. Cirillo, Ph.D., ABPP-CN
    Michael A. Cirillo, Ph.D., ABPP-CN
    Co-Founder Clinical Neuropsychologist
    Michael A. Cirillo is the co-founder and Senior Partner of Cornerstone Behavioral Health. Dr. Cirillo is a licensed psychologist and is also board certified by the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology. He conducts comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological assessments and diagnostic evaluations for ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, brain injury and dementia. Dr. Cirillo also provides executive function/educational coaching and has a very small number of therapy cases. An additional area of expertise is Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s) and forensic neuropsychological assessments. Dr. Cirillo sees both children (ages 6 and up) and adults. Dr. Cirillo received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Texas - Austin in 1997, did a pre-doctoral internship at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, a post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital and a two-year Clinical Research Training Program at Harvard Medical School. For many years he was a neuropsychologist in private practice seeing children and adults referred by neurologists, pediatricians, and child psychologists and therapists. He also worked in the Worcester Public School system as a school psychologist for four years. He is an adjunct faculty member at UMass Medical Center
  2. Michael Preston, Ph.D.
    Michael Preston, Ph.D.
    Clinical Neuropsychologist
    Michael Preston has been a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts since 1987. He has been a practicing clinical psychologist for thirty years, and a practicing neuropsychologist for fifteen years. He has worked in psychotherapy clinics, private practices, schools and state agencies. Dr. Preston received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology in 1981 from the University of Iowa. He completed a Post-Doctoral Neuropsychology training program through Fielding University in 2004. Dr. Preston’s thirty years of clinical psychology and neuropsychological practice includes evaluations of children, adolescents and adults with a wide variety of presenting difficulties. He has completed psychological and neuropsychological evaluations with assessments of intellect, memory, attention, executive functioning, school-related achievement, and psychological functioning with projective testing. Through these assessments, he documents strengths and need areas while developing an overall understanding of the person.
  1. Bertha-Elena Rojas, Psy.D.; M.Ed.

    Bertha-Elena Rojas, Psy.D.; M.Ed. .
    Clinical Neuropsychologist
    Dr. Rojas is a licensed clinical psychologist, clinical neuropsychologist and Educator with extensive experience in the Neuropsychology of Learning, Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism and School Leadership and Administration. Dr. Rojas earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston in 1998, where she completed her dissertation in Second Language Acquisition. She completed pre-doctoral internships at the Behavioral Neurology Unit at Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School and at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center/Worcester State Hospital. She completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital in Worcester, MA. In addition, Dr. Rojas earned a Masters in School Leadership and Administration at Worcester State University in 2011. Dr. Rojas professional career has included experience in multiple settings such as Community Mental Health, Early Childhood, Neuro-rehabilitation settings, Neuropsychology Private Practice, School Psychology, and Public Schools Administration and Leadership. Her experience has afforded her to develop a comprehensive perspective about the neuropsychology of learning, and of social-emotional and behavioral functioning in multiple settings, along with including extensive experience in English Learners and Bilingual Education and Special Education. As a Neuropsychologist, Dr. Rojas has worked with children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. She specializes in the assessment of children with developmental disorders, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and social-emotional disturbances. She also specializes in cultural and linguistically fair assessments of emerging bilingual and bilingual individuals, and in the science of academic performance, higher order thinking, and social-emotional learning.