Michele Marquis, LMHC

Michele Marquis, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Michele Marquis is a dedicated licensed mental health counselor with over nine years of experience guiding individuals of all ages towards mental wellbeing. Michele earned a Masters’s degree from William James College in Newton, MA. She possesses a deep-rooted understanding of Cognitive and Narrative Therapy, employing these modalities to facilitate transformative change in her clients’ lives. Her approach is founded on the belief in the healing power of connection and the understanding that we are not defined by our challenges but by our ability to overcome them. Driven by the desire to empower individuals, she specializes in fostering a sense of self-efficacy which leads to true self-empowerment.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Michele finds solace in her family life, cherishing moments with her loving spouse and three grown children. An avid walker, she can often be found exploring the outdoors with her beloved German Shepherd, recognizing the profound benefits of staying active and connected to nature. 

Michele’s passions extend to the culinary world, finding joy and creativity in cooking, and she indulges her wanderlust whenever possible, relishing the opportunity to explore diverse cultures through travel. Her multifaceted interests coalesce into her unwavering commitment to helping individuals discover their inner strength, fostering resilience, and fostering a more fulfilling life.”

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